Wagahai wa (Kuro) Neko de aru

After many years of being a leacher reader, I have finally joined the ranks of translators. BANZAI!!! This blog will only be for BL translations, so if you're not into that, you have been warned 🙂 My Japanese is only so-so, so everything posted here will be machine translations for now. Hopefully this will change … Continue reading Wagahai wa (Kuro) Neko de aru



(Please see my note at the end of the chapter.) Author's Note: PV 500,000 breakthrough & Unique 100,000 breakthrough! A short story in thanks (^^)/ ******************************************** Extra Part -Aoyama Kou's Reminiscence- Since long ago, I have been mistaken for a girl in this way many times. Silky black hair. Fair skin. Lips the color of … Continue reading ACDWL 17