Villain Days 57

**********18+ warning*********

Highschool 36th Part

I was absent-mindedly gazing at the scenery out of the window at Genbu-sempai’s house.
The day was cloudy and overcast, and had been raining non-stop since the morning.
Genbu-sempai had left in the morning to do public morals committee things.
Summer vacation will be over soon.
I thought that it might be a good time for me to return home.
The matter with Hasumyouji-sempai seems to have begun to settle down, so I can’t take advantage by
continuing to stay here indefinitely.
Sempai, he really did help me out a lot with various things.
It would be nice if I could do something to repay his kindness.
But, I can’t think of any way for me to be useful.
I’ve never seen a person move ahead of everything to the extent that Sempai does.
Seeing it clearly, I definitely feel that I should be heading back soon.
Also, a few days ago, when Hiroto visited Sempai’s house, I wondered if things after I returned home, I
truly didn’t wish for Hiroto to take away his hand that time, because I had promised.
If the promise was broken, I would immediately write a note to be taken back to the Genbu household.
After Hiroto had gone home, Sempai had scattered salt. Thinking of it, I smiled, it was like a medicine.
I seem to have fallen asleep for a while.
I woke up to the sound of Sempai returning home.
“…Did I wake you? Sorry? …Yuu, I’m back♪”
Kissing my forehead, he continued to change his clothes in his room as I stared fixedly at Sempai’s back.
Today, I’ll say it.
Even though Sempai’s house is very comfortable, I wasn’t able to start speaking easily.
I spoke boldly to Sempai, who had returned to the room.
“……Um, Sempai…uh…Waah-“Grinning casually and holding me in his arms, Sempai sat me on his lap.
And then, he hugged me tightly.
“……Mmhm, what’s up?”
“I, I think I should go home soon.”
“……Sempai, I’m truly grateful. Thank you so much.”
“……Sempai? To thank you…isn’t there something I can do for you?”
I gently stroked Sempai’s head as he gazed down and sank into silence. Just like that, Sempai muttered
“Can you make chilled Chinese noodles?”
While I was cooking, Sempai still quietly watched me.
Staring like that, he must want me to put in cucumber?
“Sempai, is putting it on a plate ok?”
Sempai served himself a plate of noodles, and we started eating.
Sempai ate slowly, like he was savoring it.
Finishing my food, I started tidying up, and Sempai came and embraced me from behind.
This, makes washing up a little difficult. Sempai…
“……Thanks, for the noodles…Yuu, are you really leaving?”
“Yes. Thank you, for that time in summer.”
“…Uuu…It’s lonely… I won’t be able to see your smile every night and day, huh?”
While I patted Sempai’s head as he hugged me and nuzzled his head against me, I leaned close to
Sempai’s ear and quietly murmured.
Because, it’s embarrassing, right?
“……Um, Can, can I come visit again? ……Airu-san.””……! Yuu…You little…You really are good at stirring me up, huh?”
Holding me in his arms, Sempai quickly slipped into his room.
And then, he sweetly smiled as he dropped me onto the bed.
Looking up at Sempai, I timidly called out.
“……S, Sempai? I, I’m still in the middle of washing dishes though…”
“……Yep! I’m helping myself to desert. I said it before, right? …? Next, we’ll do it until the end. Even if
you say you don’t want to, I won’t stop, ‘K?”
Until just a moment ago he was so obedient, eating his favorite food in front of me with his eyes shining
like a cat’s.
Sempai leaned forward and looked at me.
“……Yuu…Do you dislike it?”
“…… Asking like that isn’t fair…”
“Sorry? …Now, I want you.”
Sempai touches me as if he was slowly making sure.
Everything links together into pleasure, and I can do nothing but raise my voice.
Around the time Sempai enters into me, drowsily enchanting me, I slumped limply.
“…It’s Airu, ok? …Fufu. You said it all?”
On purpose, slowly just like that, shaking, I called out.
“My shape, are you committing it to memory? …Ah, now you’re twisting as if separating from me. It
feels good…Should I move a little now?”
“……Ah…….Airu, hurry…”
“Nooot yet. …Hold on a little longer, ‘k? Let’s come together…….Mmn.”
“…n’t, aaaaah!”
Pleasure overwhelms me, and to cover up my cries Sempai entwines our tongues, kissing me deeply.”Yuu? …You can’t forget, ok? My kiss, shape……later, I’ll even accept you no matter what. So, it’s fine for
you to be you. ……Fufu. It’s seems you came? …Then let’s feel good even more, shall we?”
Sempai looks at me with a roguish glint in his eye, moving even more intensely as I trembled.
Just with that I reached my peak once, and with that I passed out.


TN note

I am so sorry for the huge delay getting this out. I’m working on the next few chapters of Comfortable Life right now, so hopefully I’ll have them up soon. The only internet I have access to right now is dial-up, and when I went to the library for high speed today the entire town suffered a blackout so it closed five minutes after I got there…so yeah, updates will probably be irregular for now.

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