Villian Days 56

The Puppy Samurai Seiryuu Kenshin’s Feelings 3

The other day, Yuu was kidnapped after my kendo match.

That time, pleased that I took the championship, I was immersed in the satisfaction of accompanying Yuu until the finals, in the middle of the victory celebration, almost like a kidnapping, I was shoved into a car together with Hiroto by Genbu.

Even after asking Genbu the reason, I didn’t get the answer, so I gave up and shut my eyes. Sitting across from me, Hiroto looked like he still had something to say, but I ignored it.

I realized this afterwards, but I think at that time Genbu might have been pursuing Yuu with all his might.

Since Genbu knew that car’s destination, he picked up Byakko along the way, Genbu had decided on the place Yuu had been kidnapped.

At any rate, I didn’t think Genbu was a guy who’d go that far. Regarding this, I had no choice but to recognize him.

His outward appearance is of the honor student head of the public morals committee. An impossible to predict but sleepy guy. A guy who works on the public morals committee, who corners his opponents, mercilessly chasing them while laughingly begging forgiveness, mad dog type of guy, that’s how I perceived him.

And that was it. He predicted Yuu being kidnapped, a perfect simulation. He also says that he gave Byakko a plan to protect Yuu during my match. It’s regrettable that the security net was being breached by that irregular, aka Hiroto, damn it.

Maybe, he loves Yuu, I guess.

I sense it from every word.

A few days after Yuu was rescued, I was contacted by Genbu.

Since Yuu had calmed down a bit, did I want to visit him? was what he said.

We settled on a day and time, and I headed to Genbu’s house.

It seemed Yuu was fairly relaxed living at Genbu’s place. Seeing Yuu following Genbu about, that guy who devised carefully made up plans completely couldn’t be seen. Gradually a big cat seemingly showed up. It’s said that it has around nine separate tails.

Just as I was leaving, I chatted a bit with Genbu.

It seems that Yuu is in love with someone, and in addition Yuu seems to have therefore become frightened of jealousy and the desire to monopolize controlling him, I was told.

I remembered the time when Yuu was in secondary school.

That time when a situation came about from jealousy and the desire to monopolize. I and Hiroto had left Yuu’s range. Also, a misunderstanding happened, and we were passing each other by. If Yuu hadn’t lost his memory in the accident on the stairs, I wonder what kind of relationship we’d have right now?

Returning to my place, Hiroto was lying in wait at the gate.

Coming close to me, his nose twitching, he muttered.

“I smell Yuu’s scent…Ken, you went to see Yuu…?”


That guy, is this what’s called a wild intuition?

I was persistently cross-examined, and confessed that I’d gone to see Yuu today.

After disagreeably nagging me regarding seeing Yuu alone, Hiroto went home. After being banned from seeing Yuu for a week, Genbu said, it seems that Hiroto will break the agreement early tomorrow.

Apologies, Genbu.

The next day, sure enough Hiroto went to see Yuu, coming back in a strangely good mood. While preparing tea as requested by Hiroto who had gone into my room to demand it, I urged him to talk.

“You see. Being together with Genbu is comforting, Byakko is relaxing, Ken doing kendo is nice. …I, what should I think?”

What the heck?

While suppressing my feelings of irritation, I continued to urge Hiroto silently.

“…I don’t know what to think? Yuu is absolutely what’s mine. He only hold’s special feelings for me…. Ah~ I wonder if he’ll come home soon? Ah, you envious Ken? Sorry?”

This time I looked at Hiroto with contempt.

Right now, it seems that the inside of his head is full of delusions of Yuu coming back.

I don’t know? I wonder if this guy is understanding the significance.

Do you think that Yuu feelings will always be for you? Now, in Yuu’s surroundings, starting with Genbu, Byakko, etc., it wouldn’t be odd for Yuu’s feelings to turn towards the men by his side someday.

Even I like Yuu.

I specifically don’t tell Hiroto the current state of things. I have no intention of handing my rival an advantage.

You think the carpet won’t be pulled out from under you for thinking that Yuu will always be only yours? Idiot.

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I’m sorry for taking so long with this. My hamster died suddenly a few days ago and I haven’t really been in the mood for translating. Also, Kenshin uses a TON of expressions, so a lot of this was guesswork. I know I’m missing something about the nine-tailed cat reference, but I don’t know what 😦 Something about Byakko maybe? γ γ‚“γ γ‚“γƒ‡γ‚«γ‚€ηŒ«γ«θ¦‹γˆγ¦γγŸγ€‚ε°»ε°ΎγŒοΌ™γ€γγ‚‰γ„εˆ₯γ‚Œγ¦γγ†γ γŒγ€‚is the original if anyone has any ideas?


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

    γ€€ /)β‹ˆ/)
    β™‘ Π½ΰΈ„ppყ หΡω ყΡคя*.β™‘


    1. Yeah, I’ve heard of that before. It’s just that the only cat ones I’ve heard of have two tails. I know Byakko (White Tiger), Genbu (Black Tortoise), Seiryuu (Blue Dragon), and Suzaku (Phoenix) are mythical beasts that guard the cardinal directions, but I’m not sure how that ties into the giant cat with 9 tails. Byakko guards the west I think. My Japanese mythology isn’t the best.


  2. Let Hiroto have it! I hope the MC doesn’t get back together with him.

    I’m sorry for your loss. The heart-wrenching loss of a pet can be as painful as losing a family member.


  3. Lol haha thanks for the chapter~ the nine tail reference might mean that he’s gotten so powerful that a ninth tail sprout out (because the more tails you have, the stronger you are, I think) also, the first one might mean something like the cat that got the canary expression. πŸ˜€


  4. ΰ€Ώΰ₯¦ΰ₯°ΰ₯¦ΰ₯’ΰ₯€ nine-tailed cat reference: novel β€œThe Last Cat in the Universe”, chapter 1.

    ΰΈ…(β‰šα„Œβ‰š) ~β™‘


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