Villain Days 55

High School 35th Part.

And then, a few days later.

I, as expected, became Genbu-sempai’s house-sitter. But, I think it’s about time for me to go home. Genbu-sempai’s house is more than comfortable, so I’m afraid I’m won’t be able to leave soon.

I haven’t met Hiroto since then.

Hasumyouji-sempai seems to have transferred schools, from what I heard from Teruki. Teruki is still a member of the public morals committee, he seems to be doing the work well. Souma-sempai is as intense as ever, occasionally when I look worn out, he laughingly coaxes me to use lap to recover from my fatigue. Like that Suzaku-kun behaving spoiled with Teruki and then kicking him off seems to be becoming the latest custom, things seem a little lively.

Kenshin came to visit me yesterday.

When he saw me, he smiled at me in relief.

After that, Genbu-sempai and Kenshin chatted a bit, Kenshin just hugged me once and went home. I sent him off, watching until I could no longer see his back.

Me and Hiroto and Kenshin, the three of us played together when we were little, it was Kenshin who stuck up for me when Hiroto was teasing me and made me cry, remembering made me feel contented.

That day too, Genbu-sempai was studying beside me while I did my summer homework. Sempai’s studying too, huh, when I saw him, I thought, so he’s preparing for once? and he smiled at me through his glasses.

When I was drinking coffee during down time, the interphone rang.

While Sempai was dealing with work beside me, and I was thinking “A customer, huh” and was about to leave the living room, but Sempai stopped me.

“…Yuu? You can stay if you like?”

“…? Got it.”

With that, I returned to my seat.

I went to the entranceway to see Sempai off, and went to the kitchen to put away my coffee cup. While washing the cup, I could hear voice in the entrance quarreling about something, and feeling anxious, I peeked into the entrance.

“…Sempai? What’s wrong?”

Sempai was standing in the corridor with his back facing me, like he was blocking me.

An icy atmosphere seemed to be flowing off of his back, I cowered, startled.

I called out to Sempai, and seeing me he sighed, and unlocked the front door.

Someone flew inside like the wind.

And, shockingly they gathered me into a hug.


It’s Hiroto.

A little worn out, his face showing fatigue, his crimson eyes that are always filled with self-confidence, are looking at me without concealing his heart.

Seeing Hiroto after a long time, I’m worried if I can call out to him the same.

I freeze speechless as Hiroto’s shaking palm brushes my cheek. Shivers raced up my spine. Unconsciously my gaze wandered, seeking for someone’s help.


Like that Hiroto noticed me; the moment our eyes met his eyes widened, and his face crumpled. His face looked like he wanted to cry, surprising me, freezing me in place again.

“If I meet Hiroto, what should I do?” I’d always wondered.

My beloved childhood friend.

Should I scold him that the incident with Hasumyouji-sempai was scary?

Or say “I wanted to see you” and cling to him?

In reality, I couldn’t move.

Accepting Genbu-sempai’s words that it’s fine for me to be me, my heart had become lighter, but suddenly I felt it become heavy.

I wonder what I should do regarding Hiroto. And as for me, Hiroto…?

When I see Hiroto’s face, my chest aches. Since Amano Yuu likes Hiroto. But, those emotions scare me.

Hiroto, the feelings called “love”, at some point will turn into jealousy like Hasumyouji-sempai and the others, it’s scary.


After a while I’m pulled from Hiroto’s embrace by Genbu-sempai’s strike.

“…Yuu? It’s still Houou’s reflection time, ‘k? Touching’s banned!”

Pulling me away from Hiroto, Genbu-sempai quickly hugged me and kept me away from Hiroto.

“Genbu…what are you doing? Yesterday, Ken visited Yuu, right? Why can’t I?”

“Isn’t it fine? Self-restraint, ya know? …Come on, you know the meaning of the word “reflection”, right?  You’re really good at getting on my nerves, aren’tcha?”

Anyhow, for a one week time-out Hiroto was banned from visiting me, but because he heard Kenshin talking about visiting yesterday it seems that Hiroto’s patience had become a thing of the past.

“In the first place, what “reflection time”!? Don’t just decide things for me!”

Genbu-sempai heaved a sigh.

“‘Yuu’s heart calming’, your way of handling the end date seems to be deliberately determined though? …You’ve already sorted it out?”

“…Urg. Mostly…”

“…Still no clue. And so, you thought you’d come for a nice visit, huh? That kinda audacity’s worthy of respect.”

Genbu-sempai was gazing at Hiroto in amazement, but eventually he looked at Hiroto with helplessness.

“…You, you have no understanding of Yuu’s feelings. Yuu is using his feelings of love for you just to hold on to you. Like children wanting a toy at the same time. …Don’t you get it? Yuu is scared of being jealous like Hasumyouji. …Something like being in love with you, he’s frightened of those feelings controlling him… Yuu’s feelings depending on only you, it’s impossible for the current wavering Yuu.”

Hiroto was dumbfounded at Genbu-sempai’s words.

He looked terribly hurt, hanging his head for a moment, then he stared at Genbu-sempai with an extremely sharp look.

“…Before, it was my mistake. …This time, I won’t let go of Yuu’s hand.”

Hiroto kneeled in front of me. Taking my left hand, he tenderly gripped it. Pressing it reverently to his forehead, he looked straight into my eyes.

“…Yuu. I love you. I already have no intention of ever separating from you.”

“…Hiroto, you like someone else too, is it ok for me to be next to you?”

“With the exception of Yuu, I have no plans to be in love, though? Yuu, I want to stay beside you.”

“…I, feelings of love, I don’t understand them. Being together with Genbu-sempai, it’s comfortable, and with Teki I feel relaxed. With Suzaku-kun, it’s fun, and watching Kenshin practicing kendo is exciting. …Hiroto, I don’t understand. …I don’t understand it.”

“Liking” Hiroto, are they the emotions of the story Amano Yuu, or are they mine?

I, don’t understand it.

Hanging my head, I sank into silence.

Leaning against the hallway’s wall, Genbu-sempai watched us patiently.

For some reason, Hiroto smiled. Like a demon lord looking out of a dark abyss.


What was that smile just now?

Although I try to back away, I’m not able to do. Since Hiroto’s seizing my hand and hasn’t let go.

“It’s fine, to not understand.”

Hiroto kissed the back of my hand.

“…My whole life, I’ve been racing to be by Yuu’s side, I’ll use all my effort to make you understand that. Yuu being Yuu is fine. This time, I’ll chase after you. …This hand won’t let go of you. …Are you prepared?”

As I begin to cry, I feel Hiroto caressing my hand with his tongue.

There is a reaction inside my body which is accustomed to Hiroto.

But, still, I don’t want to respond. …Now is, no good. When tears begin to overflow from my eyes, Genbu-sempai moved. Recovering my hand from Hiroto’s, he embraced me from behind.

“…Going that far? Houou.”

Hiroto smiled sweetly.

“…That’s right. Today I’ll draw back. Until I come visit again, don’t forget what I said, ok?”

Hiroto left with a smile.

As for me.

For the time being, I ,dazed, could not move from Genbu-sempai’s arms.

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I totally cracked up when I read the part about Hiroto looking like a demon lord XD I don’t think you’re supposed to look like that during a love confession…

The next chapter will take a couple days, since I had to switch to translating Comfortable Life. But my goal is to have this done by New Years 🙂


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  1. I really hate the fact that he stays with Hiroto, prefers any other, I’m still τєαм gєทвυ sємραi but accept the fact that it can be any other

    Thanks for the chapter! 💕💕💕

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