Villain Days 58 (end)

High School 37th Part

The rain that had been falling continuously had cleared up completely, and that day from the morning
on there was good weather.
The day that I decided to return home from Sempai’s house.
Hiroto and Kenshin came to pick me up from Sempai’s house, and they escorted me back to my house.
I bowed my head to Sempai who had come out to see me off.
“Genbu-sempai, thanks for your help.”
“Will you come visit again?”
“Yes! Thank you.”
I feel Sempai come closer, and he quietly whispered into my ear.
“……What’s mine, you can’t forget it, ‘k?”
My cheeks flush red.
It made me remember the things I did with Sempai at night.
I furtively nod and gently stroke Sempai’s head.
Sempai laughs delightedly, and just gives me a kiss, and gently sends me off.
As we part, he says “This is a magic word, ‘k?” While saying this he teaches me a single word.
I run to where Hiroto and Kenshin are waiting by the entrance, and Hiroto smiled enthusiastically like a
flower that has bloomed.
“Sorry? Thanks for waiting!”
“No problem. …Well, shall we go?”
I and Hiroto and Kenshin began to walk together.
I don’t have any luggage, so the three of us take the train back.
When we got to the nearest station, we began to walk to my house.
“Ah, this park…”
Hiroto seemed to notice something and stopped.
It seems like the three of us, me Hiroto and Kenshin, played in the park when we were little.I liked the swings, and it was my favorite thing to have the two of them push me.
Hiroto pointed to the park with a grin.
“Hey, why don’t we go for a bit?”
Several grade-schoolers on summer break are running around the park.
It seems like they’re playing tag.
Kenshin sat on a park bench, remembering something with a distant look in his eye.
“Tag, huh… How nostalgic.”
The three of us would play tag, and Hiroto would relentlessly chase me until I was about to cry, and it
was Kenshin’s duty to comfort me.
“Yuu, he’d run straight to Ken for help.”
“Bastard, you’re ruthless.”
Like that, we absent-mindedly watched the grade-schoolers playing.
Hiroto muttered with a sigh.
“…Yuu, do you remember playing here?”
“Um…Sorry. I don’t remember, probably.”
When I was in middle school, I fell down the stairs and had few memories until then.
Because the memories of the novel are quite vague.
As far as Hiroto and the other are concerned, of course I have no memories.
An intolerable feeling grows, and I hang my head.
“Well then. Why don’t we make some? Ken! You’re it, ok?”
Suddenly starting a game of tag, Kenshin’s eyes go wide, and with a broad grin he begins to chase us.
It’s quite hard, playing tag.
Next to me who is sitting and has run out of breath, the slightly breathless Hiroto says with sparkling
“Ah〜 I’m worn out! Yuu is fairly quick on his feet.”
Kenshin returned from having run to buy drinks from the vending machine.
Expressing my thanks I accept it, immediately taking a sip.
Having a drink after exercising, why does it make me so happy?
“Ken, aren’t you too strong?”
“My way of training is different. …Yuu, are you ok?
“Yeah! It was fun. I still like the three of us doing things like this.
Getting on the swings, I begin to stand on it. Without changing my momentum, I jump off and smiled at
the two of them.
“Isn’t it about time we head home?”
Looking around, the grade-schoolers are already gone, and we’re the only people left in the park.
Kenshin looked at me radiantly.
“…I love Yuu’s smile. I want to protect that smiling face of yours. Even without memories, you’re still my
childhood friend. I want to stay by your side.”
Kenshin kneeled before me.
“I want to protect you. …I don’t care if the way you like me is different from mine. If possessing the
jealous desire to monopolize is frightening, it’s fine if you don’t fall in love with me. I only wish to stay by
your side. … Will you allow me to?”
I swallow at the seriousness of Kenshin’s eyes.
I search for the words to respond to Kenshin’s feelings.
“…I, Kenshin…”
Kenshin places his finger to my lips, stopping my words.
“It’s fine if you don’t name your feelings now. You’ll learn them as they take shape in your heart. Will
you permit me to stay by your side?”
I abruptly nod my head.
Kenshin smiles gently and strokes my head.
Hiroto watches Kenshin and me silently. but, shrugging his shoulders, he comes up beside me.
“Ken, suddenly saying that’s unfair. After all, I want to be by his side.”
Hiroto looked at me earnestly.”I often make mistakes. Hasumyouji for example, because of that Yuu encountered a dangerous
experience. I don’t know what mistakes I’ll make from now on. However, I don’t want to be separated
from you…this feeling won’t go away. I welcome things like jealousy or wanting to monopolize me, I
want to demand that only I be reflected in your eyes, but… …Ah, ow! …Ken, don’t kick me! …Really, it’s
not like Yuu’s just mine yet. Your memories, honestly, they aren’t worth worrying about. If Yuu is by my
side smiling, it’s fine. …Ah, but I want to have sex sometimes… Ouch! Ken! That kick just now was
serious, wasn’t it!”
As I flusteredly tried to get between the two who had grabbed each other and began to brawl, it felt like
the Yuu Amano inside me laughed.
Soon the sun will set and darkness will come, so for the time being we decide to head home.
Kenshin bids us farewell halfway, and I and Hiroto walk slowly on the way home.
When I see lights in the windows of Hiroto’s house, I was begged by Hiroto to come say hello to the
Houou household and stay the night.
It seems Hiroto’s mother had given strict orders for me to stay over.
Kenshin hadn’t said anything before since opposing it was too troublesome.
It’s not like I don’t know who the mastermind is.
I decide to intrude upon the Houou household.
Shouldn’t I greet Hiroto’s parents after being away for a long time?
Hiroto’s mother welcomes me warmly, and feeds me until my stomach is stuffed; I take a bath and lie
down dozing on the guest bed.
Right away, Hiroto comes into the room.
“…Yuu? You awake?”
“Mmm…I’m awake.”
“…You’re half asleep.”
Hiroto sits on the bed, I feel the pleasant sensation of him stroking my head, and I blissfully close my
“Yuu…is it no good?”
“Yeah, don’t wanna.”
Hiroto looks at me with a pitiful face.But he immediately pulled himself together, and he kissed my temple.
“Why not? ……Let’s do it?”
I look Hiroto in in the eyes, and smile.
“Let’s not today? I’ve finally come to stay at your house after a long time, and it wouldn’t do for your
mother to find out.”
Without giving up Hiroto exchanges kisses with me, while I remembered the time that Genbu-sempai
taught me the magic words.
“…Do you really love me?”
Hiroto retreats several steps back at my words.
They really are magic words!
Hiroto doesn’t answer, so I repeat the words again.
“Hey, Hiroto……?”
At that moment, the guest room door suddenly opens.
“Sorry, Yuu-kun? This idiot son of mine! Hurry up and get out. Well, sleep tight, ok♪? Oh, and the black-
haired hottie says hello!”
Hiroto’s mother grabs Hiroto by the scruff of the neck and leaves the room.
Dumbfounded, I watch her close the door.
A black-haired hottie…Genbu-sempai? I heard later from Genbu-sempai that he had asked Hiroto’s
mother to look in on the room I was in if Hiroto had vanished from his room around 11 o’clock.
“I couldn’t say no to a request from a hunk, right?” Hiroto’s mother said with a smirk.
Genbu-sempai’s smug smile from during the reflection period extension floated into my mind.
Like that, sprawled across the bed, I gazed at the ceiling.
I think it’s the first time I’ve refused an invitation from Hiroto.(Hiroto’s mother helped me out, though.)
I hate it, being afraid that I’ll be swept up disagreeing with Hiroto again.
From now on, our relationship will change little by little.
I don’t know what this thing regarding us will become.
However, I think that I’ll continue to accept it.
For now, Amano Yuu’s Villain Days will end here.
From here on, it’s my life.
It’s not over yet ya know?
I go back to my house the next day.
It seems that the maid Sayo-san has been cleaning the house for me, so it’s been cleaned like I was
never gone.
Going into my room, I look inside.
Into the room that hasn’t changed since before summer vacation I call out to myself.
“……I’m home!”

High School 37th Part (Afterword)
Thank you very much for reading the story.
For now, this is the conclusion of the main story.
I’m considering doing an extra or short story-ish sequel. (TN: As far as I know this never happened.)
Also, I’ll be tweaking things from chapter one.
I have no plans to change the content of the story.
I’ll be in your care again.
Truly, thank you so much.


TN note

And with this, Yuu’s story comes to a close with him not really making any choice. I have to say, it’s kinda disappointing, but I didn’t really expect much from him in that regard anyway. Oh, and if anyone knows whether those extras exist, I’ll consider picking them up, but I’m not really invested enough to try to track them down myself. Yuu kinda annoys me… Also this story was really all about the smut, which I’m not really a fan of, despite the fact that I read a ton of it… I guess the pen(plot) is mightier than the ,ahem, sword for me. *Hides face in shame while performing dogeza* I’m sorry, that was truly terrible. Hopefully I’ll be able to torment you with more soon. I’m kinda expecting a tornado or something similar and disaster-like to wipe out my last hope of decent internet at this point though…

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! It hurts that it reached its end 😭😭
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    1. Possibly, if there’s no other translator willing to pick it up. The chapters are REALLY long though, so I’d be very slow. Like probably no more than one chapter a month.


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