Comfortable Life 14

Ko’s Power

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-Rhodkiaus side-

When I said I wished to marry him in the future, Ko told me he’d think about it.

After that, many times his expression seemed bewildered, but without avoiding me, he’d happily stroke my beast.

After that a short time passed, Ko showed no sign of humanizing.

When I asked Ko, he said he can’t do it.

He’s not able to grasp the sense of it, or something like that?

Or maybe there’s another reason?

I still don’t quite understand it.

Ko’s learning many words, but it seems that he doesn’t know the words to convey the reason.

Ko doesn’t know what he wants to say to me, and he doesn’t know what words he wants to learn.

In other words, how long until he won’t accept teaching?

He still lisps when speaking, but Ko is becoming able to say a lot of sentences.

I had a bit of an idea about the matter of Ko’s power, since the sorcerer who wants to teach Ko magic gave a hint.

Even if his tongue is lacking, as long as he grasps the chant’s meaning the magic will cast, so teaching him now is fine, but—

When Ko is walking downtown with me, sorcerers pop up to block our way, asking if Ko isn’t learning magic.

It seems that Ko didn’t understand magic itself, and at first was only cautious.

After simple magic was shown to him, rather than saying he was interested, he was more dumbfounded.

But, considering the matter of Ko’s future, I don’t know, it might be better for him to have learned magic now.

“Ko, magic, learn.”

Of course, in the future marrying me and waiting at home for me would be good, but I don’t know if he might be thinking “I want to be independent in the future,” and I feel that I want to respect that.

I realize that Ko’s powerful strength that no one can imitate is a special thing, and if Ko says he wants to use that power for good, I should help him.

…But seeing Ko looking up at me with an anxious expression, I’m re-thinking about whether even later might be better.

“Ko, if become big, will work.”


It seemed he knows that, so I nodded.

“Work, sorcerer.”


“The same as them”


After he thought for a while, he nodded in acknowledgement.

Ko seemed very confused by the happily touching sorcerers, but he nodded saying he’d go from now on.

(I haven’t heard about that.)

I unintentionally tried to object—

“Ryodo, I off.”

Waving to Ko, I look back unconsciously.

If it’s like this, I won’t be able to see him off…

“I’ll pick you up.”

I call out, and Ko waves his hand again.

He’s strong, but beginners don’t have strict training it seems.

…Still—I’m worried.


Ko was also worrying that he would not get into the training, so he left for the meeting early.

—For some reason Rennéga also went along.

Because Ko’s power feels strong, Rennéga isn’t the only one, the townspeople also know this.

Surely in the future, it seems to be the case that when becoming a sorcerer, others following won’t be permitted to this degree.

“Somethin’s noisy.”

Dotting the inside of the country are sorcerers inside towers.

It’s not much different from how we’re gathered together in platoons.

This tower is called “Trick Tower”.

…However, Rennéga says that it’s quite noisy.

Even though it’s usually quiet.

I’m a captain, and I go to the tower for transmissions, etc., to the sorcerers.

It’s the same for Rennéga.

That’s why, I get that it’s different from normal.

When I arrived at the training center barracks, for some reason there were a lot of sorcerers.


Inside there, with his eyes focused on Ko, was Kyoton.

Has Ko done something?



Calling out, he ran over here.

It seems that Ko is the same as always, but…

“Ko, what have you been up to?”

Noisy—rather than calling it this, it’s that everyone’s excited.

Being surprised at Ko’s ability…I can’t see it as anything else.

“Um, told, wata, peered.”

“Cold water? …Ice?”


Ice attribute?

I’ve never heard of such a thing.

“Can you show me?”

I haven’t seen it yet.

“Yesh! Tere, alk!”

For some reason when we go back to the center, the sorcerers make way for us.

Is such a big space really necessary?

Making sure of everyone’s range, Ko held up his hand.


Just one word.

With that single word, a huge mass of water appeared.

Manipulating this much water without chanting, it’s unimaginable normally.


Acting in concert with his groan, the mass of water was changing form.


Yelling with his whole heart, at the same time—

The water turned into ice.


No doubt, that shape was an Akinist.

It was like seeing an ice sculpture.

The surroundings were becoming boisterous again.

Right before our eyes, was life-sized ice model of an Akinist.

Ko’s power far exceeded what I could imagine.

I and Rennéga were speechless, completely shocked.

“This child, he truly hasn’t learned any magic until now? This is too much beyond what’s normal…it appears that this could quickly become more than we can manage.”

I think that the words spoken by the one sorcerer who approached me are the truth.

I’ve seen many battlefields up to now, but I’ve never seen this degree of power.

“It’s good that it feels like it’s half in play right now…When he’s grown to adulthood, he’ll be a target of observation since I cannot assert that he will not bare his fangs towards our country. Captain Rhodkiaus, you will also be under observation. …The threat of this child becoming an enemy cannot be fathomed.”


I want to say that I understand.

But, Ko being under observation, I can’t allow something like that.

I’m annoyed at myself for being unable to declare that Ko won’t become an enemy.

“…That’s right, you were the other half of that child. It cannot be helped, do not forget that it is highly likely that you will be put under observation too.”

It seems that Ko was known to be my other half.

The other half of the last Akinist, it might not be the only material that’s an unknown.

Your other half is prioritized more than the country, everyone knows this trait.

I’m generally used to the higher-ups overseeing me, but Ko can’t be treated in such a narrow-minded manner.

Suddenly, I noticed Ko staring this way.

Going over, I picked him up.

“Ryodo, owwie?”

Is he worried to the point that his face became cloudy?

“Pain, different. I’m ok.”

I don’t want Ko feeling needless worry.

“…Kou, bad?”

“You’re not bad.”

There isn’t a single time that Ko’s been bad.

“Ko did nothing bad.”

I’ll say it many times.

It’s hard to say that Ko appears different than a young child.

I myself am saying something, seeming to comprehend the words while not understanding them.

It’s for this reason he has a gloomy expression.

…Making a face like that is unnecessary.

“Ryodo, shorry.”

“You don’t need to apologize.”

Because I feel happy that I met Ko.

“…Kou, shosheror, not do? Coming, not, ‘ood?”

…That, does he want to say, “Is not becoming a sorcerer better?”

I shake my head.

Ko has the right to choose, I can’t decide that.

It seemed His Majesty wants Ko to be a sorcerer, but if Ko wants to do other things, I think it would be good to take that path.

“Ko, is becoming a sorcerer unpleasant?

“…Don’ know.”

Since today was only the beginning, it seems he still can’t arrive at a decision.

“If you want to, it’s fine to do it. It’s fine not to worry about everyone’s words.”


The sorcerers all around us have shocked expressions, but he has no obligation to it.

Ignoring Ko’s desires is not something I’m able to do.

“Ryodo, tank tu.”

Ko turns towards me, smiling.

As for me, that is my top priority.

-Rhodkiaus side end-

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So, I switched Rodokiaus to Rhodkiaus, because it makes no sense for a Japanese person to be struggling with a Japanese name. This is a fantasy world, after all. Renneiga also became Rennéga. I don’t think it will actually change much, since they’re generally are called by their nicknames anyway. And the different spelling for Ko’s name when he refers to himself is intentional, since it’s different in the raws too (コウ instead of コー).

How many people are going to be spending way too much today because of the sales? XD


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