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To Aim for Sorcerer…?

In this world there seems to be magic.

Furthermore, it seems that I’m able to use it.

That day I was eagerly invited, and Rodo was saying to follow that person, so for some reason I was taken to a gloomy tower.

It seems that people gather here to use magic.

Rodo isn’t here, so stares and rude glances are pointed at me.

It’s extremely discomforting, but it seems I’m unusual, so it can’t be helped.

I arrive at what appears to be a training school, and was taught the simple magic foundations.

I don’t understand all the things they were saying, but since the contents are similar to a game I was into for a while, I was able to get it.

There are five attributes of fire, water, thunder, wind, and wood, and it seems like recovery and the like are light attribute. 

There don’t appear to be ice or darkness attributes?

…Should I check if I can summon them?

As it’s spoken, something of that attribute will appear.

“Fire, I think?”

Because I’ve said it countless times, I can somewhat imagine it.

The thought of a candle flame came to mind, and a small flame appeared on my palm.

There was applause just now.

These people don’t seem to have been told my age, huh?

But it seems I really am able to use magic.

I get that this doesn’t have to be my future job, and I’m worried about what to do, but a sorcerer doesn’t have to train their body, so it might work out.

For some reason it seems that marriage awaits me in the future, bit I don’t want to be in a situation where I’m always depending on Rodo.

I guess I can guarantee the cost of my own food.

For the time being I’m able to make one copy appear, and the sorcerers are saying something, but unfortunately, I can’t understand anything.

They’re saying long sentences, and catching the words at this point is difficult, so there’s no way for me to understand them.

Unlike Rodo, because they patiently and slowly call out to me politely, I just stare blankly.

Probably, I should say something about before.

The sorcerers are exchanging matching looks.

(I’ve got free time, so I’ll test it out now.)

If I can’t do it, that’s fine.

I make a mass of water appear on my palm.

It’s a sphere, I guess because I was imagining it like that.

If I stop imagining it, without forming, it fell to the ground.


On top of my palm, it spins and turns.

At that point I aim cold air at it, cooling the water temperature.

(Like this, there’s no limits, huh.)

With this, it’s just a matter of time until it becomes ice.

While lowering the water temperature, I try to hold the image of rapidly freezing.

(What about this!?)

I imagined an ice flower.

The same thing tumbled onto my palm.

(How about that. I can do it.)

 It seems to be good have the water in sight, to make the image of freezing stronger.

Suddenly, I noticed my surroundings are noisy.

What in the world?

Because I called out ice…?

But, if you can imagine it, anyone should be able to do it.

I’m ranked as a beginner.

They’re excited for some reason, but I don’t know why.


At that moment, there was a voice.


To be in that place, it seems Rodo came to meet me.

Ren is also next to him.

The two of them rush over.

I was asked what I was doing, so I answered.

When I say I made cold water, he corrected me with an unknown word.

Probably, I can guess that he was saying ice.

—As expected of Rodo.

I want to say something, if it’s something general I’m becoming able to grasp the outline.

He said he wants to see, so we go back to the original place.

(Let’s surprise Rodo.)

Inside my head, I imagine Rodo’s form.

The “Akinist” form from that time.

However, Rodo and Ren froze stiff.

And, he is talking to a sorcerer with a difficult expression.

Did I do something wrong?

Moreover, his face warped in distress.

What have I done?

Rodo approaches and picks me up.

I ask if it hurts, but he says it doesn’t.

He says it’s ok.

In that case—

I’ll ask if I was bad.

“You’re not bad.”

Because it’s about Rodo, he’ll say so even if I’m being bad.

Even if i hear those words, I can’t agree with it.

“Ko did nothing bad.”

Understanding that I don’t agree with it, he said it again.

He always knows what I need.

“Ryodo, sorry.”

“There’s no need to apologize.”

How many times will I be forgiven by Rodo?

I want to quickly learn words, begin working, and repay him…

If I become a sorcerer, will Rodo be worried?

If that’s the case then I don’t want to.

However, Rodo shakes his head.

If I want to, it’s fine if I become a sorcerer, he says.

Judging by the state of my surroundings, the route laid before me is one I shouldn’t follow.

Even so, Rodo tells me it’s ok for me to decide.

This feeling makes me happy, and I express my thanks.

As always, he turns to me with a smile.

I’ll use my own power to help Rodo this time.

…If nothing else, I’ll try my best to study.

There’s no sign that I will return to Japan, so as it is I have no choice but to be prepared to make a living here.

I didn’t have any friends that I was especially close to, and I ended up being too fearful to expose myself and didn’t come out to my parents, but in spite of that I intended on staying with them until they said “Get out” I think.

“What’s wrong?”

Is it because I have the appearance of a child that my emotions are easily projected?

……Was it from the start?

If I’m becoming negative, if I’m thinking about something, Rodo comes and peers at my face.

Is it just that he’s prone to worrying?

Is he just shrewdly guessing my emotions as much as possible?

At any rate, transmitting my negative feelings to Rodo seems to be easy, and if I’m not careful he’ll notice immediately.

“I okay.”

Shaking his head in answer, Rodo appears unconvinced.

“You don’t need to worry.”

He pats my head, but makes a painful face.

Is he worrying about me?

……I don’t think I let my guard down though?

Consequently, he scoops me, who has let his guard down considerably, up into his arms,

The kind, sweet Rodo who worries too much.

I was told that he wants to marry me in the future, but what will he do if I return to Japan?

I told him that I’m 18, but I’ve yet to say that I’m from another world.

Because I don’t know how to say the words “another world” in this world.

I’ve been trying to convey it as it is, but without recognizing the term “another world”, he won’t be able to understand it.

And there’s one thing I’ve been surprised at so far.

The age and life span of Rodo and the others.

The way to say numbers is complicated, saying ” 10, 8″ and getting someone to understand it as “18” is my limit.

Units in the hundreds is difficult, I was taught them since I came back from the castle, but it took me a long time to memorize it.


Learning that Rodo’s 156 years old, it surprised me quite a bit.

He looks like he’s in his twenties.

An Akinist’s life span is somewhere around 700-800 years…

My 18 years can only be seen as being quite the fledgling, can’t it?

…Even so, “marriage” was talked about…

I wonder what this world’s conditions for marriage are?

My life span is short compared to Rodo’s, saying that I’ll probably not live until I’m 100, Rodo would be quite surprised.

…No, impatient maybe?

Compared to Rodo, I’m a very short-lived race.

I’m not sure if my form shrinking might have changed my body somewhat, but…I don’t think that my physical abilities are suitable for my age.

I think that becoming able to release magic might have changed me somehow.

It’s not only Rodo that’s long-lived, Ren is also 138 years old.

That king has lived even longer and seems to be 632 years old.

I thought he looked around 30 though.

I also heard that the names of the tribes are different.

Rodo is an “Akinist”, Ren is a “Shix”, and the King is a “Gatrea”…

Becoming an animal form is called “beasting” and taking a human form is called “humanization”.

And, at around 15-20 years old, they can become a human from their animal form.

That’s why so many people stare at me.

…When taking a human form, it’s an adult’s form.

Because of the talk about life span, I feel like Rodo’s over-protectiveness has grown even stronger.

He does his utmost not to be separated from me.

That’s why, me working as a sorcerer in the future…I thought it seemed like he wasn’t going to say anything about it, but he came to pick me up early, so it’s not like his overprotectiveness has disappeared.

How should I say it…?

I’m happy that he cherishes me, but it’s troublesome.

Because, if I liked Rodo after I go back, what would I do?

Being unable to meet while worrying and thinking about someone and being not able to do anything about it, it’s painful.

(I want to go back, but I don’t want to go back…)

Even that I’m becoming uncertain about.

I thought at the beginning I definitely wanted to go home.

And yet, if I can’t go home, I’m starting to think that it might not be bad to live with Rodo like this…

Now, thinking about wanting to go home is difficult.

Facing my feelings of love and guilt towards my parents, I don’t miss it very much.

…I can’t help but feel that that part of me is heartless… and cold.

These feelings, I can’t say anything to Rodo.

…Now, I want to say it but I can’t.

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