Villain Days 54

High School 34th Part

My head is foggy.

My body’s…so hot.

This body that’s full of passion somehow I want to…I embraced the person in front of me.

“…Hot…Help me…”

I’m not able to do anything about it myself, I started crying.

Someone is kissing me, embracing me…My body is filled with something hot. Countless times I ascend to the peak, over and over.

My voice has completely dried up, I’ve become unable to do anything but heave with sobs, but gradually the heat subsides, and like a string that had been cut I fell asleep.



When I wake up, I’m on top of Genbu-sempai’s bed.

Sempai seems to have opened something on the computer that’s beside the bed while I was sleeping. When he noticed I had woken up, Sempai smiled gently at me over his glasses.

“You’re up? …Do you want a drink? …Hmm~ A sports drink would be good.”

I tried to say “Thank you”, and when he realized that my voice was gone, Sempai kissed my temple and whispered in my ear.

“…Your voice, it’s gone? Should I put a straw in the bottle? Right, then.”

I gratefully took the sports drink that Sempai handed to me. My throat is really dry, so I drank up most of the bottle. It soothed my throat, so it seems that my voice came back.

“…Thank you, very much…I…?”

Yesterday, how did I end up on this bed? I thought, and gradually my memories returned.

I went to cheer for Kenshin’s kendo match.

When I was almost kidnapped from there, Teruki protected me.

I got a call from Hasumyouji-sempai saying that Hiroto had been hurt.

I went out…then…?

A man with a tattoo suddenly flashed through my head.

That’s right. Hasumyouji-sempai, he had a drug, and…then…?

I wrapped my arms around myself.

I can’t stop shaking.

Inside my dream, I was always being embraced by someone.

But, I can’t remember who my partner was.

Was that not a dream?

Then, who did I……?

When I became aware, tears were streaming from my eyes.

It’s so scary that I can’t bear it.

Genbu-sempai sat next to me as I weep quietly. The bed squeaks when he stands up and my body trembled.

“…That guy didn’t bang you. Because we broke into the room before that. That guy sent him flying and stomped his face in!”

Sempai said the words with a self-satisfied grin, but his laughing stopped when he saw me.

I touched the compress that seemed to be stuck to my face. Since I’d been hit, it still hurts a little bit.

When I recall the tattooed man, my body still trembles.

Since I was drugged, my consciousness flew away, and I have no memories from then on.

At that time, the door to Sempai’s room opened, and Teruki came in.

” Genbu-sempai…Yuu’s slept long enough, it’s already been more than a day? We’ll need to wake him up soon to feed him…You’re up, Yuu.”


Teruki came closer to the bed and stroked my head. Genbu-sempai smoothly stood up and returned to his seat, starting to work on the computer again.

Teruki gently brushed my bangs aside, and peered into my eyes.

“…What’s this, your eyes are all red?”

“Probably~ …I think he remembered what happened yesterday? “Cause we were talking just now. Like, the man who tried to put his hands on Yuu, finishing him off, you holding him last night, me and Byakko?”

Teruki looked a little shocked by Genbu-sempai’s frank words.

“Really, would it hurt you to sugarcoat things a little? You know, Yuu…yesterday, Yuu was drugged and kidnapped, it can’t be helped if he’s upset…Argh, even I can’t tolerate saying more…”

“You really never change…”

Genbu-sempai looked at Teruki with a pout on his face.

I frantically organized their words inside my head.

Yesterday Sempai taking me back from that man, being given the date-rate drug, Teruki and Sempai, the two of them helping me…… That, two people……?

I felt my face instantly becoming hot.


I, somehow or other becoming embarrassed, looked up at Teruki with teary eyes. Our eyes met, but his words took me aback.

“…Again, with those eyes you…Yuu. I thought I wanted to protect you before…no, that’s just an excuse. …Doing something like ignoring Yuu’s intentions, is bad, I think. …Yesterday, I embraced you. …I wanted to calm you.”

Teruki’s ardent emerald green eyes narrowed. I unintentionally clung to him.

“……It seemed like it was happening inside a dream, and my memories are vague…but, inside that dream I thought ‘Someone, help me’.”

I meet Teruki’s eyes. My voice is just a whisper, but…

“……Thank you, for helping me. …Teruki.”

Teruki seemed embarrassed, rubbing my head a little more roughly than usual, he muttered, “For now, I’ll go get some food” and left the room.

The sound of Genbu-sempai tapping away on the computer keyboard echoed throughout the room. My breathing seemed loud in the silence. But, the “strangeness” is nice and comforting, and I put my hands on my warm cheeks to cool them down.


“…Hmm~? What~?”

“Um…thank you very much for giving me aid.”

“…Sure. I’m glad you’re safe.”


Breaking the ice is hard and I haven’t made my words clear.

It seems he beat up the tattooed man for me, but I wonder what became of Hasumyouji-sempai who was also at that place.

And Hiroto getting injured was a lie, right?

Remembering Hasumyouji-sempai’s beautiful face looking at me twisted with contempt made me sigh.

No matter what, I seem to hate the person that Hiroto likes.

I’m not able to forgive what he did to me, but the Amano Yuu from the novel also felt frustrated with the main couple like this, I think, I’m completely unable to disregard how I feel too.

Being in love with someone is scary.

The desire to monopolize, jealousy…I was born and raised differently. Maybe someday I’ll become like that too.

Similar to the Amano Yuu from the novel?

The Amano Yuu inside the novel, was always in love with Hiroto. He couldn’t stop wanting his love.

Hasumyouji-sempai, too, wanted Hiroto’s love.

Then, what about me?

Is there something I want?


Before I’d realized, violet eyes were in front of me.

Then, I was forcibly kissed. Without pause, pushing me down on the bed, the figure I looked up at became Genbu-sempai. It was like Genbu-sempai’s gaze was peering into the depths of my heart.

“…Hey, what are you thinking right now? Every so often you look like you’re not here.”


“I want to know you. …So, won’t you tell me?”

At Sempai’s serious expression, I slowly began to speak as I searched for the words.

“…I, seem to dislike the person that Hiroto is in love with. This time, it’s Hasumyouji-sempai, but, in middle school I was also jealous of the person he liked.”

Sempai looked at me, stopping my words.

When Sempai’s peaceful eyes looked at me, something inside me burst open, overflowing from the depths of my heart…suddenly tears started streaming down on their own, and I began to speak.

“…When I started high school, I always thought that Hiroto would fall in love with someone else. Now he behaves affectionately with me, but someday definitely, I’ll become unneeded. That’s why, I absolutely have to prepare my heart. …That’s what I intended. Sempai, I’m scared of being in love with someone. If I fall in love with someone, will I also be jealous of the people around them? They seem to…hold onto the desire to monopolize? …That…pain…I don’t want it.”

Because I was crying weakly while talking, I think it was quite difficult to understand me. But Sempai silently listened to me.

And, I saw something strange.

“…Are you jealous of Houou and Hasumyouji?”

“? …No, I wouldn’t call it jealousy, more like I was lonely…I think.”

“Hmm. …You and Houou, are you going out?”

“…No, we’re not.”

“Then, will you go out with me?”

“Huh? …That’s…I’m sorry, I don’t really get what you’re saying. I think being together with Sempai is comfortable, but…”

Sempai laughed with a happy grin.

“…That so? Comfortable’s good♪ …We’ve definitely kissed while we were together. …Hey, isn’t that fine?”


“If being in love makes someone jealous, then think about it? Now, like that am I your partner?”


“I like you because you are there, I feel I want to be by your side. Don’t forget? I’ll continue to accept whatever request you make. …I guess you could imagine it if you watch Daddy?”

Recalling Sempai’s father, I smiled.

“…Ah, you smiled.”

“…Sempai, thank you.”

I started crying again.

From happiness this time.

Parting with memories for the first time, I get the feeling that I sensed Amano Yuu through the facade. I, am me…he, him.

That’s right. It’s fine if I’m me, right?

Tears are rapidly coming out and won’t stop.

Sempai seemed surprised to see me.

“…Huh? I thought you’d stopped crying though…hmmmm~. Since you’re not sad, I guess this is fine.”

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