Villian Days 53









High School 33rd Part

“…Satsuki…this guy, making me…”

“…Sto…ah…that…no. …It’s hot…Help me…”

“…Ah, is it good? …”

“…If you let Kai do you a bit it’ll be over quickly. …This drug, it’s really something, huh. …Since I’m leaving, do you want free use of the room?

“…Sure. Got it. …Is staying here for a week ok?

“…As long as you don’t go so far as to kill him. Since that much is troublesome. …Until now it’s just been a video, they’re easy to threaten, huh….Kai, are you giving a good performance?”


To prevent Hasumyouji from getting by us, Hiroto and Byakko took the elevator, and I myself ran up the emergency stairs. Since I do training for the kendo club, I think that I’m the strongest one of us.

While listening to the voice coming from the earphones, my blood boiled in anger as I thought about it.

Genbu seems to have some other business to take care of, so he left and entrusted Pat to me.

I arrived in front of the room that Yuu had been kidnapped to, but I noticed that the key to the room was gone.

Yuu is behind this door but…!

Hiroto and Byakko also got there from the elevator.

Hiroto stood in front of the room irritated and looked at me doubtfully.


“…The door’s locked.”

I want to kick down the door, but I know that it isn’t a good idea to make noise here.

We stand in front of the room dumbfounded, as Genbu who arrived at the 7th floor room late kicked Hiroto who was in front of the door.

“Yeah, out of the way~. I’ve got the master key, so move.”

“…Wha…Where from?”

“Company secret♪ …There, it’s open. …You going?”

We plunged into the middle of the room.

Us bursting in took them by surprise, and so Hasumyouji couldn’t get away we grabbed him, and from the side Genbu flew out like the wind. He gave a flying kick to the man straddling Yuu, trampling his face over and over.

“…You’ve done it now… What should I do with this guy…?”

Genbu stepped harder on that guy’s head with a smile, I spoke to the Hasumyouji who I had caught.

“…Hasumyouji-kun, can you explain what this is?”

Hasumyouji, who I thought had banned showing emotion, was hanging his head crying.

“…I, that man is threatening me… Amano-kun wasn’t taken by me…!”


Hasumyouji’s words to me appear to have become frantic

From the story I heard through the earphones, this bastard is the mastermind!

Genbu silenced me with a look, and I quickly tied him up and handed him over. Come to think of it, Hiroto isn’t coming in. I asked about it silently, and Byakko spoke up.

“…Yuu? ……Genbu-sempai, should I take him to the car ahead of you? …Yuu shouldn’t be left in that room any longer.”

He wrapped Yuu who was sobbing in confusion in a sheet and picked him up, then Byakko stepped out so that he could leave the room.

Glaring as he passed by Hasumyouji, he withdrew without saying anything.

During all of this Hasumyouji cried, I was threatened by this guy. I didn’t take Yuu, I don’t know how it’s become you accusing me. If I had not heard the story through the earphones earlier, I might have believed Hasumyouji. It was truly a compelling performance.

Genbu, who was playing with Yuu’s phone, suddenly smiled.

“…There seems to be no calls from you. How did you call Yuu?”

“…That’s… …? Stop!”

Genbu snatched Hasumyouji’s bag from him and took out his phone.

“…Ah, the password?  …It’s not something shady, right? Tell me, ‘kay.”

Hasumyouji glared silently at Genbu.

While the two of them glared at each other, Hiroto came back into the room. And he told Genbu the password.

“I think that was it? Satsuki. He happened to have told it to me before. …What’s wrong? You’re shaking.”

“…Hiroto-sempai… Why are you here…?”

Genbu, who was checking Hasumyouji’s phone, clicked his tongue in anger.

“…Houou, the video has already been sent to his computer. Dealing with it? Leave it til later. …That, because I’m taking Yuu to my house. If you calm down you and call…Ah, that’s right~ Hasumyouji-kun?”

Genbu showed the earphones to Hasumyouji.

“Yuu’s ring, it was bugged. Awesome, right? An acquaintance made it♪ …Your conversation, we were listening to allll~ of it. …Could you quit with the third rate acting? …It makes me want to hurl.”

Genbu looked at Hasumyouji with scorn and left the room.

Hasumyouji turned to Hiroto with imploring eyes, but his legs immediately gave out and he sat down, shaking all over.

Hiroto knelt down in front of Hasumyouji.

His expression should have been gentle, but his eyes were as cold as ice.

“…I thought you were a cute kouhai, ya know?”

“…I can be of more help to you than that child!”

“You? More than Yuu? …Haha. …There’s no way you could become a substitute for Yuu, though? Because he is mine. …It’s impossible for you to be the same as him. Either way, I won’t forgive you.”

“…You, you’re lying! …I, I am…”

Hasumyouji’s voice was shaking as Hiroto, who had come closer again, peered at his face. And, he tried to continue with his words.


I called out to Hiroto.

Unexpectedly Yuu’s face came to mind. If Yuu was here, he’d feel sad if any more was said.

Hiroto, seeming discontent, looked at me, and then laughed with self-derision.

“…That’s right. Any more might make him cry.”

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So, Merry Christmas Eve 🙂 I don’t know how many people care about this story, but it’s been a little over six months since the previous translator vanished, and since it only had six chapters left I thought I’d finish it up.

It’s been a while since I read the series and I’ve never read the raws of the first 52 chapters, so names/other details might differ a little, but I tried my best to match them up. And again, if anyone spots any translation errors, please let me know 🙂 Part of the reason I started translating is to improve my Japanese skills.

Chapter 54 will be out tomorrow 🙂


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  2. Thanks! I won’t say it’s my favourite novel, but I’m definitely interested in reading the rest and I really want to finish what I’ve started. If I can remember the story enough to make sense of it haha. Much appreciated, and you did great 😁😁


  3. Hello Kuroneko-san, I’m bambam from Indonesia. I just found out you continued this, I’m very happy.

    But … is it possible if I translate this novel into Indonesian through your translation?

    Alright I will wait for a reply from you!

    Thank you for continuing this, I hope you can finish this novel until it’s over (:


    1. I don’t mind you re-translating it, but I’m doing this as a way to learn Japanese, so my accuracy is probably not that great. There’s a lot of times that I use Google or guess at things.


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