Comfortable Life 12

Extra Edition – Daily Routine at the Training Center –

(Author’s Note)

A story as thanks for reaching 5000 comments

Previously, the release timing was strange because there was information that had not been released in this volume yet, so renumber the story and repost it. (This is probably translated wrong…)

Everyone, I’m sorry for the trouble.


-? side-

A humanized child under the care of the Captain came to come to the training center of the third team.

Although I can understand the feelings of the Captain not wanting to leave a child at home alone.

Even though he’s a child, he doesn’t understand the language and is a suspicious person from an unknown tribe.

If he’s a foreign spy, it wouldn’t be funny.

That’s why, if you’re bringing him here to monitor him, it’s not a problem…

“Mountain. Sky. River.”

“Mountain. Sy. Riber.

“Hand. Foot. Arm. Hair.”

“Hand. Fut. Am. Air.”

He’s teaching words with such a kind look on his face. I’ve never seen the Captain with such a gentle expression before.

“Ryodo, what this?”



Such a parent and child atmosphere.

Stronger than anyone, the Captain is a comrade in our hearts.

There are a lot of people who admire the Captain.

And yet—

With the existence of a single child, the Captain has become a different person.

A kind man who isn’t concerned about being lonely…I can’t see it.

Everyday a child called “Ko” is brought to the training center.

The Vice-Captain also looks after things a lot, laughing and smiling without care with Ko.

As the days pass, people’s smiles keep increasing.

…If the Captain only cares about that, then his vigilance will also fade.

(You can’t know a person’s thoughts…!)

It wasn’t just me who was angry.

Other than the Captain and Vice-Captain, the Third Company did not think much of Ko.

But, the Captain protected Ko on the 4th day.

The training Captain saw Ko watching him, and unintentionally stopped.

—He looked like he was about to cry.

I don’t know what someone with that expression is thinking.

Is there something that makes you want to cry?

—Do you want to see your parents?

—Are you scheming something that you can’t face the Captain?

I can’t imagine such a thing.


I called out without thinking.

Even though we’ve never talked before.

When Ko looked up, he no longer seemed like he wanted to cry.

“Just now, why did you look so sad?”

I asked him without thinking, but now I think of it he doesn’t know all the words, will he be able to follow what I said?

“…I kay. Tank Tu.”

But, Ko smiled broadly and expressed his thanks.

“Werk, Goo Luk.”

He waved his hand and walked away.

I was unable say anything and could only watch him leave.


One day, I heard that the Captain was summoned by His Majesty regarding Ko.

“A humanized child from an unknown tribe”, maybe even the king who has lived a long time hasn’t seen such a thing before.

If the king who has lived a long time has never seen it, could the even longer-lived Prime Minister have seen something?

Even now Ko does not know his tribe.

He has memorized a lot of words, but it seems like he doesn’t know the important things.

—Where he was born.

—Who his parents are.

—The reason he was left naked when he should have been protected.

Even if I answer, I can only use words that others have already said.

It’s complex language, but it seems like he is trying hard to understand when the Captain calls his name.

However, though it doesn’t seem to be a secret, you can see that he is desperately trying to understand our thoughts by the words we use. 

That’s why I decided that the likelihood of him being a spy is low.

I thought that he was just a child depending on the Captain’s kindness, but sometimes he takes notice of his surroundings and acts like an adult.

While he seems like a child when you see his speech and emotions, he knows that feelings of “sadness” and”painful” are not to be shown to the Captain.

In other words, since the Captain is worried, it is likely that he has found a place to hide his tears many times.

If you’ve noticed us watching you, tell us something like “Please don’t tell the Captain.””

I understand he is very concerned about the Captain, so my anger dispersed a lot, but… Why did he look like he wanted to cry in the first place?

…No matter how much I think about it, I can’t figure it out.


The Captain who should have been at the castle showed up in the cafeteria in the afternoon.

I thought he would be wandering about the area around the castle, since the Vice-Captain had told me.

They said that they returned because Ko was scared of His Majesty…I can’t believe something so unexpected.

I have no recollection of Ko ever being scared of someone.

But despite this, why is he afraid of His Majesty?

Although he is from a tribe that specializes in battle, it is not as much as the Captain.

But, everyone was shocked by his next words.

(Ko is…the Captain’s other half!?)

The Captain is said to be the last Akinist, things did not last long with his lover, and I’ve heard that he seems to be single now…

It can’t be, that Ko from an unknown tribe couldn’t be the Captain’s other half.

I know that the tribe has no relation to your other half, but the possibility of meeting them is almost zero and there are people who claim that it’s just an empty dream, the people who have met them are rare.

The people who meet their other half are not always given the ultimate happiness.

Some people already have a family when they meet their other half.

There are many who are unable to part right away, and some who meet when they have already grown old.

…But, I’ve heard that the heart, body, and soul will only want the other half and not turn their eyes towards any other.

In fact, the second a person that has various relationships finds their other half, they will break things off with the other people and blindly talk and listen to their other half.

The Captain who came across such an existence…

The Captain is single, and this is a good thing…so it should be fine, right?

Ko doesn’t seem to understand, we…really should bow our heads to the Vice-Captain’s words.

Even if you say “other half”, he doesn’t understand the words themselves.

I was even more surprised that the Captain said that Ko knew what beast he changed into.

Akinists emit an aura that intimidates others.

It will affect any tribe, and they are called the “Shadow Kings” for that reason.

Everyone is bowing down, and they can’t approach out of fear.

“Fear” “Longing” “Envy”…

They harbor those feelings.

And yet, why isn’t this child intimidated?

I know the Captain said that Ko might be 18 years old, but even so he is definitely a child.

If the Captain became a beast before any other 18 year old, their face would become pale and lose their voice due to fear.

It would not be strange for a person to faint from it.

Even so, it seems that Ko gently stroked him.

…Is it because he is his other half?

The Vice-Captain is also shocked.

Probably, even the Vice-Captain is overwhelmed by the Captain’s beast form.

…We were surprised again by Ko’s words.

Even though he was afraid of His Majesty, he impossibly called the Captain’s beast “cute”.

I thought that the other half long for each other, but Ko hasn’t changed towards the Captain in that respect.

As always, he treats him as a parent.

The Captain seemed perplexed, but he understands his other half consents.

The time that Ko took a nap together with the Vice-Captain, he had a terrifying expression on his face.

The Captain quickly picked him up and put him on his lap.

Whenever he talks to Ko, his facial expression is different.

He might have realized instinctively that he was his other half.

Because it was that child’s doing that he was swayed.

The Captain seems to have been worried about telling Ko about other halfs, but the Vice-Captain revealed it easily.

…Although there are a lot of things to think about, if the Captain is happy, there is nothing better than that.

Ko had not understood what was going on, but after a while he figured out that the Captain wanted to marry him, and he unusually shouted loudly.

(Do you find marriage with the Captain unpleasant?)

…Well, it’s not that I don’t understand how you feel.

It’s too much for a child to being thinking about marriage.

Besides, doesn’t he think of the Captain as a”guardian”, suddenly calling him a marriage partner, his logic won’t catch up.

But, it’s impossible now, however it would be good if in the future he thought if the Captain as a companion.

There are many people who wish to become the Captain’s mate.

That’s because he is an amazing person.

Because he is a kind person.

So I think, the Captain finding and protecting Ko, I feel that it might have been fate.

Ko is very young, and I don’t know when it will happen, but I think I want to bless the marriage of these two.

The Captain will definitely make Ko happy.

…The Captain begging forgiveness for asking such a young Ko about marriage, it was outrageous in a certain sense.

-? side end-


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Translation notes:

So, I changed the term “half body” to “other half”, because although the literal meaning of 半身 is half body, 身 can also mean “self”. So it could be interpreted as “half self/half of myself” as well (which in my opinion is a much more romantic interpretation :)). And I just really don’t like the term half body for some reason…

If anyone has a better translation for 番 than number, please let me know. According to the dictionary, it can also mean guard/lookout, but neither of those really fit either…   Thanks to sadisticsai’s very helpful comment, it has now been changed to mate. It makes so much more sense now 🙂


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  1. Was there an い after 番? I think this would make the most sense, but I would have to look at the raws to be sure:
    番い 【つがい】 pair (esp. of mated animals), brace, couple, (anatomical) joint


    1. No there isn’t… This is the original: 隊長の番になりたい者は沢山いる。But that reading makes much more sense, so I’ll change it to “mate”. Thanks 🙂


      1. I just got home and looked it up in my Japanese Kanji dictionary. つがい can be written as 番い or 番. So, this more than likely the meaning.


      2. Yeah, when I searched つがい it showed up as pair/couple, but just searching 番 showed up as number/guard. Apparently my dictionary needs improvement, haha… T.T


  2. Thank you so much for picking up this novel!!

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  3. Omg thanks for picking up this lovely story!! I really like reading it!!

    Please keep up the good work and know that even if I don’t post any future comments, I’ll be cheering you on for your translation works ^_^


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